Friday, October 28, 2016

Meet the Amazing Cameroonian Actress Claudia Fonguh: Beauty, Heart and Talents

Claudia Fonguh is a multitask actress who hails from the Mezam Division in the North West region of Cameroon, Born in 1989 as a princess into royalty, her exceptionally blissful childhood fortified her into a formidable force in the movie industry.
Claudia started a professional acting career in 2013 with " Touch Not", a christian movie being her first big screen. She then attracted the attention of movie producers, justifying her presence in most movies since 2013. Among many of her movies is the 2016 popular TV "Series Bad Angel" aired on CRTV where she played the role of Mindako's accountant, Maureen. She has also acted in movies like Yenkong's Cross, Tinted Roses, The Beast among others.

Princess Fonguh loves traveling and participating in Philanthropic and humanitarian works, reasons why she is embarking on the journey of creating her foundation to help the needy.
Guys i know how much you are waiting for this part.
Claudia is a single lady, no kids, not married as she believes in working hard and all other things shall came. Her favourite meal is Water Fufu and Eru and when it comes to cooking, she beats you to your cuisine.
Claudia is opened to new movie project ideas, new scripts for acting, and new philanthropic projects
You can contact her below
+237 670661967
Facebook: Claudia fonguh
Instangram:claudia fonguh
Twitter:Claudia fonguh
Snapchat:Claudia fonguh


  1. My star,am your fan,the sky is your limit,continue to put in your all-your work of arts is a source of inspiration for many of us,both within and out of Africa- thumps up,cute princess. PERRY.

  2. Best wishes to my beautiful princess. We are hailing as u keep going higher.
    #number1fan #ble-mboh