Friday, October 28, 2016

Meet the International Multi-talented Cameroonian film maker: Henry Obama

Aurélien Henry OBAMA
Contact: tel: +237 651 10 01 27/ +237 699 48 39 04 Email:
P.O Box 14639 Yaoundé, Cameroon, Africa
Facebook and twitter: Masterobama
   Son of a retired Cameroonian diplomat Aurélien Henry OBAMA grew up in USA, Canada, and Congo- Brazzaville, schooled in Cameroon, Nigeria and Romania and have been to France. He’s accomplished martial artist a 4th degree Black belt in Karate Shotokan and trains regularly in bodybuilding, stretching, Taekwondo, JeetKune do, Hapkido and Sambo. He is a recognized action martial arts star in Cameroon and in Africa in general. He has been interviewed in several martial arts magazine as one of the prominent promoter of action films in Africa but also due to his online martial arts magazine called Shiai Magazine” The International African Martial Arts Magazine” in which he is the publisher and writer. Founder of the NdumBewa’a ( literally fight of the chimpanzee)  which is an afro-Asian martial art fight system based on his martial art influenced and vision.

               With entertainment company NGUL Productions he has produced several action short films and preparing to produced international action martial arts feature films. He has worked as film director, producer, and writer, fight choreographer, casting director, location manager, acting coach and actor in several Cameroonian films. He is member of CFI Cameroon Film Industry which comprise 6 guilds which actors, writer, producer, directors, technicians and distributors. He’s also a member of Cameroon Karate Federation in which he is the principal Karate Instructor of the University of Yaoundé II SOA located in Cameroon.
    He speaks English and French. He is the great grandson of the famous African chief Ahanda Noah Mbia who died at age of 125 years old in the 60’s who had more 70 wives and 300 children of the village Mfida and of the clan Yanda of the Tribe Ewondo of the ethnic group Beti-fang of the Bantu people.

Short films
- MoneyBagyear 2006 worked as producer, director, writer and main villain
-Lost Brother “Waka-waka man” year 2009 worked as producer, writer, fight choreographer and main lead actor
-Triple Threat year 2011 worked as producer, writer, casting director, fight choreographer and main lead actor

- A 1 minute advert on AIDS disease encouraging AIDS patients to follow up their dreams in life: Playing role of an AID patients who dreams to become a karate master.  He spoke in English and in French, year 2008

- Panther and Hunter, year 2006, French to English translation

Video Clips
-Have worked with Studio Psaume23 and ACCA ( Association du Cinema Camerounaised’Animation) in more than 20 music video clips for the project 1 single, 1 artist as storyboard, production assistant, assistant director, co-producer and director.
Feature films
-Student Cot, year 2009, Casting director and minor role
- Living my Wrongs, year 2010, film writer, location manager and supporting role
- Fleshes, year 2011, film writer and lead role (main villain)
-Slave’s dream producer, screenplay writer, fight choreographer and supporting role year 2012
- Touch Not, year 2012 lead role, script editor and assistant production manager
-Invisible Affection, year 2013 supporting role
-Return of the Beast part I and II, year 2014 lead role (main villain), screenplay writer
-Tinted Roses, year 2014 main villain
-Dynamic life, year 2014 cameo role
-Lara’s Song, year 2015 supporting role
-WHY, year 2015 supporting role
-Yenkong’s Cross, year 2016 cameo role
-Immigration Clandestine, year 2016 main villain
TV series

- Campus life, year 2014, producer, screenplay writer and supporting role
- All ventures, year 2015, supporting role

Upcoming film projects (NGUL Productions)

Guns and flowers an action drama film (producer, writer, fight choreographer, and lead hero)

No Time an action comedy film (producer, writer, fight choreographer, and guest starring role)

International film projects

-Blood brothers,an action martial art film (associate producer and African villain) the movie will be filmed in Botswana & Los Angeles
-Assassin X, an action American/ South African/ Cameroonian film (role not yet determine) the movie will be filmed in Cameroon & Los Angeles

Awards and Nominations
CAM Movies Merit Awards in Buea
In the year 2012 was a nominee for best upcoming male actor
In the year 2013 his movie Slave’s Dream aka Clans on Fire was a nominee for best epic film
In the year 2014 was a nominee for best supporting role in the movie Return of the Beast


  1. Ngato Brian you are an energetic, full of live, multi talented and skilled actor. I am very proud of how far you have came. Yet it's just the beginning of many great things you are about to accomplish. In my opinion you are Cameroon's best in our time. We love you and you can always count on us.

  2. Hmmmm I'm speechless on how far you have gone. Yet the best is still yet to come. More grace and keep being determined.