Monday, October 31, 2016

Mr Leo and Dj Lyonga settles the long dispute that suggested disrepect

 I promised you all i was going to follow this to the end. Here it is
Am sure you all know the story of DJ Lyonga vs Mr Leo in a recent dispute on disrepect. Well let me refresh your minds. About a month DJ Lyonga took to harassing Mr Leo on facebook calling him 'Zombie'. Why would someone say that to well renowned artist? Here is why! Mr Leo disrespected DJ Lyonga who is one of the best in the South West Region when he stopped the already prolonged artist night at the instructions of his boss. Mr Leo, who was not even present during the show then made it an issue and wouldn't respond to DJ's messages.
Then DJ deleted Mr Leo's songs from his play list at the night club and  called him Zombie on facebook. The heat was on. Mr Leo reported him to the Divisional delegate for culture, who harassed DJ and threaten to lock him up.
Just a day back Mr Leo and DJ Lyonga met and talked over their differences. With Mr Leo saying he was sorry for over reacting and DJ Lyonga saying he was ready to let go, both parties are now in  working term. This is a sign of maturity. Mr Leo still remains Cameroon's upcoming Best and DJ Lyonga still remains one of the best DJs of all time. Dear Musicians and DJs, take it from experience! You all need each other. We wish you all the best

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