Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Red Feather Awards: How to Submit your movies. Dateline 25th October 2016

Am sure you all are so excited as i am to have the most trendy Oscar-like event in Cameroon. The most amazing part of this is the fact that this award is celebrating only the Cameroonian movie industry. Am sure you must be asking yourself right now what if you are a Cameroonian and co-produced a movie with a producer from another country? of course you can Submit. Then this bushfaller is asking herself "but am a Cameroon living in the diaspora and have produced movies, can i submit?" Of course submission from the diaspora is permitted

 Online Submission

To submit all you need to do is visit the blog www.sysysblog.com
click Red Feather Award page and you will find submission links
or while on www.sysysblog.com, check on your left and right sides of any article and you will find a submission link
Once you are on the form, fill out your details. The most tricky part that a lot of people usually miss out is the the Video link. For you to use the online form, you must have your monie hosted by any online platform such as Youtube, filfreeway, Vevo, google drive etc.
To send the link to the Red Feather Awards, visit the host of your video eg, www.youtube.com, then search for your video and then click until it is playing. Then go to the top of your browser which could be Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, safari, Opera etc, the copy the Url which is a long text, mixed with characters and numbers and must start with https://... and paste in the link space on the form. Then send

Onsite Submission 

If you have any problem with online submission please contact 672160556
Then onsite submission is where you can go to the head office of the RFA situated at Monte des seour Simbok, Mendong Yaounde, and drop a hard copy of your movie. For Hard copy submissions contact
675 685 581
email: redfeatheraward2016@gmail.com


  1. These types of excitement can then be separated into gatherings as per the age and enthusiasm of the general population being engaged