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Sunday Glamour: Star of the Week, outstanding Cameroonian movie Actor, Producer and Director, Seehofer

Hey great people, It is sunday, the long awaited day by you all to savour the best of the entertainment industry. sysysblog brings to you every sunday at 1PM, the legends of the entertainment industry and their inspiring stories. Today's guest is the elegant and outstanding movie maker, N.S Seehofer. Grab your favourite dessert and keep calm, he will make your day delightful as no other.

After a Priest - Father “U” (Eugin Etta), gave him the opportunity 2make his debut on a stage performance in 1999 but got infront of the screen in 2001. Seehofer has since then been exhaling; & is 2day, the branch President of the Actors Guild of Cameroon (NAGCAM).
Driven by an overwhelming passion and the zeal to continue his quest for greatness in the cinema world, Seehofer as he is popularly known in the entertainment arena, has in time developed in to a script writer, movie director, producer & also the artistic coordinator of “Engel”; a drama group lead by Father “U”.
Like most blossoming talents of CFI who were not opportune to undergo professional academic training, Seehofer has however had invaluable field training & attended a host of workshops since the beginning of his carrier. Moreover, he’s been opportune to move to different Regions of the country for drama performances, hitting the stage in Hilton Hotel Yaounde over 5 times on different occasion & CRTV’s Monday show - 2 times.
This on the job drilling process which he accompanied with online research &studies on the basics of Film making, was ongoing from 2002 to 2004, time during which he had lots and lots of field work that gave him more than enough experience & exposure.
The skills acquired, helped him brave the multiple obstacles faced & equipped him with the knowledge he uses to 2day, to accomplish the different task his charged with in the Cameroon Film Industry.

N. R. Seehofer who falls in the rare category of Actor/Directors, directed his 1st movie “RIGHT OVER” in 2002; followed by “PROGRESS”, an educative movie; & “NOTHING” in 2005.
By 2008 he founded his own Production House “Seed Sight House Entertainment”, lead by 8 persons.

The uprising CFI star is presently one of the few privileged 2cast in the CRTV series “ BAD ANGEL”, which is ongoing in Limbe which has lasted for 8 months still going on, will be done by September.
2015, Seehofer took part in “ROSE ON THE GRAVE” as an actor produce by Syndy Emade.
For the 16 yrs he’s been active in the Cameroon Film Industry, N.R. Seehofer has taking part in 15 movies and counting, thus rubbing shoulders with some of Cameroons finest entertainers & the African International Actors.
*  Restoration produce and directed by Etta Eugin
*  He’s featured in “Black Vampire” by Storm Image, 2008.
*“VOWS” by IrineNgum, where he also doubled as Assistant Director.
*  CLUSTER”  produce by Derick Musing, in 2008.
*  NEXTUS” still produce by Derick M, in 2010.
*  MBIHCABA” produce by Mama Elizabeth N, in 2010.
*  In 2012, N.R.Seehofer directed the movie title “SNITCH” produce  by Irene Ngum. 
* Produced & Directed “WRONG COMBINATION” by Seed Sight House Entertainment, 2013/2014
* Writer and director of “PEARL OF CONTENTION” 2015 produce by N.SEDRICK
*Writer and director of “Gains Of A Kind Heart”2016

In recognition of his immense contribution to the growth of CFI, N.R.Seehofer received an award from the Nigerian Consultant for “BEST MOVIE 2014”.
He just finish up with the most recent TV series title SAMBA,  as an actor.
Now he is currently putting logistics together for the shooting of his next full length (feature film) title VEIL
The Cameroonian multi-talented entertainer, computer engineer, entrepreneur, sensational orator Is also a musician.
His debut album containing 5 tracks was released in 2009 & by 2012 Seehofer again released a single title “RUSH”, with label name ‘Seed Sight House Records’ and in 2015 yet another single title “It’s Wrong” which was the sound of the film Wrong Combination.
    Am sure you all had a belated day with Seehofer. Stay blessed and keep reading sysysblog, the only avenue where you have it all in just a single single stop,

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