Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunday Glamour: Star of the week; Breath-taking Actor and Producer, Desmond Wyte.

Hello Beautiful people, it is another Sunday and as usual, we are here to brighten your day and to herald you into the new week with lots of fun and immense satisfaction. having in mind all that has happened in Cameroon lately where i am writing from, we can only watch and pray while leaving the rest to God. Our guest for today will take away your breath with his charms and of course just in a moment, will take away all the stress you've accumulated in years. I present to you Desmond Wyte , the industry's big name.
By now you will need to refill your glass of wine! let's drink to the best entertainment forum, sysysblog and to the most elegant guest, Desmond.

Desmond Wyte is a household name in the movie industry that has greatly contributed to the recent boom in the industry. His Charisma and passion for movie making started when he was a kid. He then followed the path by taking part in school dramas and representing his college in inter-college competitions where he emerged successful in almost all. Then the flame of this art began burning in him and could only help to showcase his talents as he then came to the big screen in 2008 while in University year 2.From 2008 Desmond became unstoppable in movie making, reasons why he starred in almost all Cameroon movies and TV Series.

"Too hot to handle" was Wyte's first movie which was closely followed by the "The Triangle of Tears", then came the others such as "Decoded", "My Gallery", "Viri", "Rose on the grave", "Chaising Tails" and of course the famous TV Series aired on CRTV, "Rumble", "Samba" just to give you  clue.
You think you can play table tennis? well grab you racket and wait for Desmond to send you on an early retirement from the game as he makes a strong opponent in the game any day anytime.
Ladies i know this is your favourite part; what to cook to keep the body and soul of a man together. Top on the chart of his most valued dish is Kwakoko and Mbanga soup. When it comes to cuisine, Desmond is a master chef in fast foods and desserts, omelets, rice and sardine stew, and pancakes, his sexy body figure is a true testimony of this.
As open Minded and friendly as he is, fans are welcomed to joining him on facebook and instangram username:Desmond Wyte
Thank you all for being the most amazing readers. Keep reading sysysblog 

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