Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Glamour: Star of the week; stunning Actor, Director and Producer, Frank Sire

Sunday 9/10/2016

Sure y'all are having a belated sunday.  I am just here to make it brighter and better with your favourite Sunday program "Sunday glamour" where i bring to you the best of the entertainment industry and entertainment tycoons exclusively on sysysblog
Today i will be bringing to you the stunning and most affording Frank Sir who triples as an actor, a producer and a director.  So guys,  grab you favourite dessert and a glass of wine and get ready to be entertained

The breath-taking Sire hails from the Manyu Division in the South Region of Cameroon.  
His passion and urge for acting started when he was just a baby and as he grew older into the world of uncertainty,  his talents began paving the way and shaping his destiny.
In 2011 he was scouted and casted for a movie titled "Different kinds of men". This was the spotlight for Frank as he has been the most sought-after in the movie industry.
Frank who is also a producer and an a director has exhibited his abilities in the movie 'Chaising tails' which he wrote and produced,  'Before you say yes i do', which he wrote produced and directed and TV. Series 'Rumble' with him playing the lead role.
Frank sire
These are just some few out of the many works of art pieced by Frank Sire
His motivations in acting comes from America's Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington.  The most challenging aspect of Frank's career has so far been acting,  producing and directing the same movie.  But he finds it very interesting to work with Desmond White as he is as passionate about the industry as he.

Ladies am getting to the part you like.  Frank is an eligible bachelor and don't even think about 'it' unless you can challenge the unbeatable master Chef Cameroon when it comes to cuisine.  Well ladies if you already started thinking about 'it' let me give you a hint,  his favourite meal is vegetables especially huckleberry. Frank is so open minded and he will take any questions from any body
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Frank sire
Of course Partying is an important ingredient in the business

Frank sire
Sire doing what he knows how to do best, Make movies

Frank sire
Looking just Fabulous

Premier of Frank's movie, Chaising Tails

Premier of Frank's movie, Chaising Tails
Frank sire
Best moments: ON SET

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  1. Frank, thanks for amazing profile and inspiration, please i want to be an actress. Am 22 years old and a graduate from the university of Yaounde 1
    How can i get auditions for any of your movies