Friday, October 28, 2016

The 3 Ms of entertainment in one man: Prince Ojay the Movie, Music and Modelling star.

The spunky Prince Ojay is a Cameroonian actor,musician, model and film-related technician who hails from the South West Region of Cameroon precisely Mamfe. He is enrolled at the university of Yaounde II Soa,  level 2 Master's. Ojay's passion for acting was just met in time with his casting for his first movie Return of the best in 2012.  Complimentary to his acting skills is his ability to put the women to a stand still with his magnificent body figure and swag, and the world to a stand still with his voice.  Who wouldn't use one stone to shoot many birds: reasons why he has been a part of many projects for his multi-tasking skills. some of the movies he has been a part of includes

Tinted roses by LT Njeck from gold star entertainment
Mon propre Frere by Yves Rodriquez
Campus life by Tawie Elvis de dadies
Lara' song by LT Njeck from Melo studios
Yenkong's cross by LT njeck from melow studios
Hassle by Lt njeck produced by princess Dora from royal rhythm entertainment
Immigration clandestine by Yves Rodriquez n serge D which is going on now. He has also starred in many short comedy videos with o'boy, Mp3, Badlybroughtup and Mustick. The swagga guy is currently in the cast of maga goldstar entertainment project that will be produced and directed by LT Njeck called winds
The 'run town' model is ready and of course opened to new music,  movie and modelling projects.  Oh,  you can't seem to get enough of him?  That's okay! Get more on facebook: Prince Ojay

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