Friday, October 21, 2016

The truth about why DJ Lyonga harrased Mr Leo on facebook!

You must have read my previous article on this story where DJ Lyonga called Mr Leo Zombie. I promised i was going to dig deep and bring to you the true story. HERE IT GOES.
Sometimes back in early October,  there was the industry night in Buea where artists perform from 10pm till about midnight at the spice night club Buea, a business venture of Chariot hotel.  So these artists extended the limit of the time offered to them up till about 2Am and started inconviniencing the other clients who came to dance and have fun.  Then the manager of the club instructed the DJ (DJ Lyonga)  to play Nigerian songs for the dancing pleasure of the clients.  DJ Lyonga respected the orders of his boss.  And then the next day Mr Leo who was not even present during the industry night,  took to facebook first and started insulting the DJ.
DJ Lyonga inboxed him personally asking him what was happening and requested to talk to Mr Leo who ignored him.  DJ Lyonga then decided to use thessme medium,  facebook to reply to Mr Leo. Then the heat began.  DJ Lyonga mentioned on his facebook that he expected just an apology from Mr Leo whom he considered a brother,  played his new songs free of charge while he paid other DJs to play his songs.
After publicly announcing that he was not going to play Mr Leo's songs,  Mr Leo then reported him to the delegate of culture who has called DJ Lyonga and has set up a meeting with him.
The community of Disc Jokers took this opportunity to show their solidarity and makr their voices heard about musicians whom during their struggle times come begging them to play their songs but once they start making names,  they ignore them and go out to pay other DJs. I wil be bringing to you updates of this story. Thanks! 


  1. interesting phenomenon going on all round. I see you Sysylove

  2. Hmmmmm....Sysy dig again... we need to understand everything about what caused that beef

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  4. See guys stars are always like that, when they begin to grow old in the business they neglet their roots. who does not know that. Dj my brother, you have done well. it was a bold step. you Djs need to step up your game and be mre respectd