Monday, October 3, 2016

U17 FIFA World Cup: Cameroon VS Venezuela 03/10/16. List of first 11

u17 lionesses

Today Monday 03 October 2016, the baby lionesses will be facing Venezuela in the framework of the 2nd day of the FIFA World Cup 2016. A game whose stakes are too high against Venezuela that was beaten by Germany 2-1.

List of first 11 below

  1. Carole Mimboe 
  2. Dolores Tsadjia, 
  3. Nadia Kuchambi 
  4. Michele Moumazim, 
  5. Zouwairatou Moussa 
  6. Claudia Dabda 
  7. Viviane Mefire, 
  8. Touta Evanick, 
  9. Soline Djoubi
  10.  Michelle Priso, 
  11. Flora Kameni

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