Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ade Kelly falls in love with her boyfriend's brother. "love has no boundaries"

They both look amazing. Don't they?  The beautiful and fragile hearted Ade Kelly believes so much in the power of love.  Parents sometimes can be a pain in the a.. Especially mothers who would go any length to  stop their children from marrying those they dont like. Unfortunately for Ade she is a victim here.  Falling head over heels inlove with Dupree Koual who just came back from the US to take care of his father's businesses,  Ade would do anything to keep this relationship.  Indeed women can do everything and anything in the name of love for children. Ade's desperate mama rapes Dupree in order to implicate him.
Fortunately for her,  he ends up in prison. Now Ade is galavanting around town with Dupree's twin brother.  Chai!  Women will not seize to redefine the meaning of love. what people cant seem to fathom is if Ade who was very loving and dedicated to Dupree know that she is sleeping with her boyfriends brother.  May be she never even knew Dupree had a twin brother? Everyone is finding it difficult to wrap their hands around it.
The Tv series Bad Angel is the most loved and watched series in Cameroon in which Dupree ( Emmanuel and Johnson)  and Ade Kelly(Nancy)  explore  the realities of what love can do. Make date with this series on CRTV and be thrilled by the twist and turns of this love story. The Explosive season 3 coming soon. 

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