Thursday, November 17, 2016

AFCON 2016: Cameroon disgraced at the airport by the Egyptian delegation over an air-tight rusted minivan. Shame CMR

Cameroon has been put to shame again in their own country at the airport as the Egyptians refused to use their small rusted air-tight minivan sent by the Cameroonian delegation to the airport to carry their luggage.
Luggage  of a delegation of at least 25 persons with their training equipment was suppose to enter this vehicle. The Egyptians were so annoyed that they refused the bus. As carefree as we are, the Cameroonian delegation in charge of CAN did nothing until these Egyptians were rescued by a tourist's bus. This attracted hundreds of on-lookers at the airport and has spaked alot of contempt on social media too. Cameroon does not fail to show their negligent attitude every where. They are best at washing their dirty linens in public.

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