Sunday, November 20, 2016

AWCON 2016 Group B: Ghana 3-1 Kenya

The encounter between Ghana and Kenya was a tough one as bith teams were technically and physically fit. Kenya who was a threat to Nigeria as they mentioned bowed down to Ghana 3-1. The referees of the match were all Cameroonians who put a mixed feeling show in the field.
The center referee appeared to very indesicive in about four instances. The match started with Kenya leading with 1 goal, then came a penalty favouring Ghana considerd by fans as unfair. This penalty then boosted the morale of the Ghanians who ended up winning 3-1. The Kenyans were demoralised after the first unfair penalty but then they have an easy one to come with Mali while Ghana will be having it tough with Nigeria on Wednesday in Limbe
For now Nigeria leading with 3 points 6 goals in 1 match, Ghana 3 points 3 goals in 1 match, Kenya 0 point 1 goal in 1 match and Mali with 0 points, o goals in 1 match.

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