Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cameroonian Actress and Producer Adela Elad Stars in Emem Isong's next big movie project in Nigeria

Producer Emem Isong and Actress Adela ELAD

Weather you like it or not hard work pays. When someone talks about hard working Cameroonian film makers, they can't mention 3 without mentioning the household name Adela Elad. This young and influential talented lady has recently been  called up to be a part of Emem Isong's movie project. In case you don't know, Emem Isong is one of the biggest producers in Nollywood. Adela is not just putting in her Best in the project, she is also having enough fun with Nollywood big names like Alex Ekubo and Tana.. The title of  movie "Baby Daddy" has kept the Nigerian, Cameroonian and the international movie community on their toes, waiting to see a piece of art that deviates from the usual phenomenom of Baby mama. This project is directed by one of the big wheels in the international scenes Akin Tijani Balogun, he definitley knows what action to put in place to get his fans applauding and asking for more of Emem Isong.
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Adela Elad on set

Adela and Alex Ekubo
Adela and Tana Adelana

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