Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cameroon's self made international actor Dupree Koual: watch the incredible lifestyle Tv reality show here

Dupree Koual

Am sure when you hear of TV reality show of a celebrity, you only can imagine it happening in America on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" or maybe in Nigeria on "Coz Jim Said So". Well I got good news for you.  Stop stretching your neck to look far, It is right here,  happening now in Cameroon and can only be brought to you exclusively by sysysblog. I usher in to your humble presence Dupree Koual who is a household name in the entertainment industry both in Cameroon and the Diaspora.

Dupree Koual
He is incredibly talented and this coupled with his magnificent body build and looks has made it easier for him to be the main point of interest in every scenario he finds himself.  Of course what you see in him is the same that the biggest financial house in Cameroon CCA saw in him to make him the brand ambassador for over 2seasons. Yes!  Exactly.  He is the guy who was on billboards and every Tv Chanel branding CCA's new offers some few years back. Did this just flash your memory back to those TV Commercials with him in that sexy and spunky suit?  This is something else to check out for: the Tv reality show of Dupree Koual presents what his normal day as an actor looks like.  These images are just a tip from one his recently acted TV series which is aired on CRTV,  Bad Angel. A beautifully pieced video that will expand your cheek bones with sensational smiles.  Don't forget he who smiles much extends his/her life span.
As modest and humble as he is,  he accepts conversations with everyone through his Facebook account: Dupree Koual
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Watch video here

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  1. Oh my world, almost didn't believe that he is Cameroonian. Guy you hot. Me wanna be that lucky girl but anyha.