Friday, November 4, 2016

Canal2 Movies 'Unicafrik' Award for movie makers: Most confusing Award of the year

This is end of year and everyone is gambling with the Award issue. Canal2 movies is one of the TV Channels dabbling in confusion with their new Unicafrik Award. This Award seeks to renumerate actors and actresses and movies that are aired on their Tv Channel.  Here is the weird part of this Award
#1 Most of the Nominees are not even aware of their Nomination.

#2 when on the website and you have chosen whom to vote for you have to enter an email address and a code.  What we don't know about this code is if it is conjured by the user or the nominee. Now none of the nominees sysysblog talked to knows about the code.

#3 create an account and stuff it with money to have voting rights

#4 Then you have to pay an amount which we dont yet know since there is no code to get to the voting stage.
#5 The money to award the Nominees comes from the amount people pay to vote.  As we speak almost all actors and actresses are on 0votes.  If every award we're like this our movie makers will remain poor for ever.
Even after you create an account with them filling weird infos like your village of origin,  you land on this complicated page where you are finally given a code.

Then you begin to feel a little relax because you really love to vote for your actor and you are already almost there.  Then you receive this other message after entering the vote  code which demands you to buy credit in order to vote or to transfer voting credit or to vote now

When you click on voting now,  kabum!!!

Even the Oscars do not have this kind of complication. Unlike every other award,  this one had no link precisely for particular people.  You are sent to a website where you have to find your way out.
Therefore this Award merits to be the most confused Award of the year. 

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