Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Clash of Rings" audition by Royal Rhythm Entertainment: The most talked about movie project

When the audition for the movie “Clash of Rings” was announced, to many it was just another audition where one would wait for the jury for over 3 hours, finally start the audition and wait until night fall. Common Audition practices also include paying huge sums of money just to be auditioned, arriving the audition ground and meeting a jury that has no idea about movie making, how can i forget auditioning and never getting the results. 
Royal Rhythm Entertainment has proven to the world that there are still some people who are ready to do things right to achieve what they want.
In fact it has contributed greatly to the facelift of the industry's image. This audition started at exactly 9:30 AM as was announced to the public.
cross section of jury
The Jury made of experienced intellectuals such as Mr Bernard Wirsiy, a household name in African Cinematography and performing arts, LT Njeck, Producer and Director, Francois Tanko D.O.P among others knew just the right requests to make in order to get the results.
Actors and actresses (aspiring) came from all over Yaounde to show case their talents and lobby for an opportunity to be a part of the great project. 
Amazed by the talents they saw, the jury decided to get every one involved in the movie and to also use some other talents for some other projects.
Princess Dora Ndem, the powerful lady behind this production house mentioned it without mincing words that the cast for the movie "Clash of Rings" is based on merits and not "man know man" or "regular faces".
The audition ended with the Jury very satisfied with the talents they saw, and for the royal treatment given by the Royal Rhythm Entertainment. The actors and actresses present were also very impressed with the transparency, professionalism and warmth with which they were auditioned.

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