Friday, November 11, 2016

Humanity held hostage in Batibo for lifetime village dues to be paid before release. wandas!

When you hear or see your friends and family going to village meetings in town, you jeer at them. To some it is one avenue for kongossa, to others its a circle of witches and wizards and to some others it is just a gathering to meet and eat traditional dishes and drink beer. When you see some young skimpy girls in the towns who grew all their lives in villages, they will fling fingers around and tell you in wrong English " I don't know how to talk my country talk". Palm wine that others grew in which is far more nutritive than you can think, they will tell you "I don't drink such".
People, whether we like it or not, if we don't respect our villages and contribute to our development when alive, our corpses will do it thehard way when we die.
Welcome to "Winds" the movie. A beautifully pieced true life story that exposes the camoflashed lives that we lead in the towns forgetting to support our village development programs, then when its time to go back to our villages we start calling them bushes and slumps. This movie set in Batibo exposee us to the risk we stand to face when on earth our lives no more.  Winds the movie will be shot in Batibo from the 6-26 of February. Make it a date with "winds" the movie, the wind of change must blow to reconcile tradition and the society. Follow winds on Facebook as 'Winds the movie'

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