Wednesday, November 23, 2016

En Vogue: Meet the International pageant queen and Model Nange Marie (Beauty + Brain)

Hello brave people of Africa and the world, "En Vogue" is that unique program that brings to the fashion and beauty industry, the people who make it happen in the fashion and beauty industry and those who wear and appreciate it. You can't find it any where else better than here.
Today on "En Vogue", we bring to you an exceptionally beautiful and talented Pageant queen and model- Nange Marie

 Born in the illustrious West Region of Cameroon, Nange started developing the passion for Modeling  when she was just a kid. As she grew into the uncertainties of this world, her beauty and brain was that one thing that rescued her from the usual backlash in the Modelling industry.  Her professional career started when she was spotted among others by Fredash modelling agency between 2010/2011. By 2012, Nange had acquired enough skills and experience and became an independent model.
In 2015, she contested for Miss Cameroon at the regional level and was selected 2nd dauphin. Still in the same 2015, she contested for Miss African Continent that was held in South Africa. Haven been on the cover page for some famous magazines in Cameroon like Kamairflow, her career can only get better. Worth noting is the fact that she is also Miss Prestige West Cameroon.
The hard working and entrepreneurial model is planning on her own fashion clothing and hair line. Her sense of fashion is impeccable, therefore she knows just the right thing to bring to the market for consumers.
you can follow her on Instagram as nange_marie.

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