Sunday, November 20, 2016

Epule Jeffrey deletes facebook post that rather attracted criticism instead of favouring him

Just some few minutes ago i brought to you Jef's grammar dictionary on facebook. That post attracted close to a hundred comments. As a matter of fact i commented too and some other people commented below my comment, so we made my comment a conversation.
Am sure you want to know what we were saying, we were just looking for someone to interpret English to us. Then as i was typing i could not send just to realise that the pressure was heavy on Jef so he deleted it. But before deleting i had the screen shots already. In fact call it manuscript. Epule posted this ridiculous story on facebook hoping it will sway people from supporting the "small upcoming actress" Vicky Fokala as he called her. It instead played against him. This post was deleted at exactly 4:30, 30 minutes after the begining of match between Nigeria and Mali

Below is our manuscript
If you want even the comments just request and i will show you

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