Sunday, November 20, 2016

Epule Jeffrey in trying to "beef" Vicky Fokala alarms "Sundry facebook users" as he calls us. Come see grammar ohhhhh

As i am writing to you now, i am feeling like i have some nodes in my head. You can't believe where i contracted this: In trying to read Jeffery's facebook message. Truth be told i didn't go through else i won't be writing to you now. I would be telling a different story now of malaise maybe. I could only perceive that he was trying to beef Vicky.

This is what he wrote. I advise you to open an online dictionary before you try to go through. If you try hard copy, your will develop an eye cataract and before you know it you will even faint because the flipping of pages will turn your eyes.

 Some comments from the fans. Now you begin to hear words like "shakespear, chaucer.

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