Wednesday, November 16, 2016

La Castrol Limbe Cameroon; Check out their standard rooms. You won't resist the Glamour

Very spacious, well lighted and properly ventilated
Special offer for ladies and bright colour lovers

Standard Room with everything you there is to offer

A perfect Romantic setting, watching the sun rise every morning and the moon by night

Balcony view from some standard rooms

The Big screens for your favourite Tv series or football game.

Proper Color Blend is the best you can ask from somewhere closest to home. You live some part of your life here

The Perfect temperatures you need

Its worth a visit

Africa's legacy: The tiger Zebra skin deco

Is it opening of the floor dance, or are you a lawyer with too many books to spread on the floor, or may be a designer with materials to cut and spread, the space is more than enough to handle you and your life style

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