Monday, November 14, 2016

Moments with the stars: Cameroonian top actress, Syndy Emade's day as a jury in the upcoming Cameroon Fashion Week.

Hello beautiful people, it is yet another blessed day from the Aquatic town of Cameroon, Limbe- The town of friendship where i am writing from today at Miramare Park resort directly behind the Botanical Garden. Today i am going to be bringing to you exclusively, Syndy Emade's day as a jury for the Cameroon Fashion Week Models in Buea.
Syndy Emade is the Award winning Cameroonian actress who has been named by many magazines as the hottest and sexiest talented young Cameroonian.
She has proven this by her extraordinary performance that has earned her lead roles in almost all her movies here in Cameroon and beyond. The soft spoken damsel has been called up to be the Jury for the selection of models for the upcoming Cameroon fashion week in Douala on the 10th & 11th of December.
I caught up with Syndy at Miramare Park resort where she had a meeting with one of her Management team members, Dupree Koual and was on her way to the audition for models in Buea.

Syndy Emade Preparing to go for the fashion week audition in Buea

Syndy waving love at fans standing by to watch her move

Moving towards her Gorgeous ACd Mercedes

Syndy showing more love to fans who can't help but struggle to by pass security in Limbe

Getting ready for the ride

"I like driving  myself, it is more fun and i feel more secured"

"Driving is one of the few exercises i do to keep fit"

Having fun with her mercedes along the Buea-Limbe road.

Finally in Buea at Chariot Hotel with other Jury members

"I was and am still a model, so i know what it means to be here. I respect you all"

That priceless look

Syndy in action during the audition. sharing opinions with other Jury members

"I am amazed and marvelled by the incredible talents Buea has"

Business during Business.

The main guy during the selection

she is always the center of attraction everywhere she goes.

Syndy always ready to make it big, talking more business with the crew

she sees right through the beauty of the support her fans give her

Syndy Posing with Fans at Chariot Hotel Limbe

Syndy and the elegant organiser of Cameroon Fashion Week

Syndy and the elegant organiser of Cameroon Fashion Week

"I do not get tired of hailing my fans because am nothing without them"

Syndy and the elegant organiser of Cameroon Fashion Week

Syndy mentoring a potential model.

She is a Diva to reckon with
Syndy and my humble self, sysy.
Thanks so much for being loyal readers of sysyblog, i bring you nothing but the best of exclusive entertainment you cant get anywhere else but here.

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