Friday, November 11, 2016

Red Feather Awards 2016. Call for Submissions of Sound tracks for Musicians who will like to perform

It is getting closer and hotter. Red Feather as you already know is an award that seeks to celeberate purely Cameroonian made movies. This Award which is scheduled for the  of December at Hilton hotel, is obviously one of the most talked of event in December. In case you haven't had your party dress, then you need to start panicking because it is not going to be easy that day. The Red Carpet part of this show is what some of us can't wait for. Better pick up your party dress and grab a ticket now. you sure don't wanna go stand on the qeue on those gaga heels, struggling on the wall that might not exist and on the people behind you. You obviously dont wanna miss the real thing because you didnt get your ticket on time.
Here comes the moments for the musicians. This Award does not only  just seek to celeberate Cameroon movie makers but to also promote the entertainment industry. Therefore Red Feather is calling on every musician who will like to perform on the 25 of December at Hilton Hotel should send an email to redfeatheraward2016@gmail.Com including your sound track link and contacts. Latest date is 25th of November 2016

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