Saturday, November 5, 2016

sometimes we find love in unexpected places. Nsang and Desmond can't help but...

Am sure we all know Desmond who is undoubtedly one of the most cherished film making asset in the Cameroon film industry.  Then comes Nsang pretty bold and fearless,  making her way to the top in whatashe knows how to do best; movies.  These two are a perfect match you agree with me .
When you see them together your definition of love changes.  This is exactly why you need to get ready for the upcoming TV Series "Samba". These two who happens to be the worlds look-up-to are going to awaken the death part of your life which you need more than life itself


  1. Sysy you are the best blogger ever. The others dem di worry na worry. I almost talk this was true

  2. At last! This looks appealing and cutting edge. I must say Cameroon is facing the world through the 7th Art now.Kudos to the team. Ride on. This is what we are talking about.