Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Glamour: star of the week. Spunky and multitask actor Godwill Neba

It is with pleasure that i bring to you the most exciting star of the week on this ever-winning platform Every Sunday 1 pm we give you a moment with the stars. There is nothing more we like doing like making your every second spent on this blog most valuable.  Today's star is the mind blowing and spunky unique talents all the way from the North West region where royalty reigns,  i present to you Neba Godwill Awantu

 Being passionate about being an actor right from childhood,  Gody as fundly called started laying a soild foundation for his career when he was just 12. He took part in some school drama competitions that could only make him stronger.  In 2010 he made it on the big screens with his debut "Atonement Calabash" that brought him to the lime light. After 2010 he came a household name till date. Among his movies are:

 Atonement calabash,
 On the brim,
The overcomer,
In 19 hours Smokescreen
Dark sunshine
Dual passion
Delayed Rush
Running time
A littlewannapa little kill
Mbom Allah
He also has had some nominations,  prove that he is a formidable force . These nominations include
 Best upcoming actor, Best actor Dama Awards. 2012
CMMA:Best actor, Best supporting actor, Best multitask actor.
CMMA 2013
When asked what he finds a distratction to the movie industry he mentioned "Very reluctant sponsoring from cooperate businesses that ought to champion this aspect. Cameroonians until recently have hardly believed anything good can come from their country".

Am coming to the favourite part of this program that everyone wanna know.  Neba is a single man who loves to explore the beauty of nature.  He also loves swimming and reading.  When it comes to driving, one of his favourite passions,  he can only see his closest rival to be the late Paul walker. So as of the moment in a country where car racing does not exist,  he is his own rival,  the best we can ever have.  When it comes to cooking,  he is a chef you don't wanna dare coz he is good at cooking almost everything.  As often, said a woman who wants to keep a man should know how to hold his stomach with his favourite first.  Ladies here is one little secret for you free of charge, his favourite meal is Fufu corn and Njama Njama( not the type that takes muscles to cook but the type that takes technique and experience)
As we speak Gody has promised to cook for sysysblog crew on the 12 of this month. If you wanna be a part of this,  then contact us through our facebook page sysysblog or you may wanna join him for a talk on facebook Neba Godwill Awantu.
Thank you very all for reading and keep it up with sysysblog. 'It can only get beter' bye.


  1. Goddy you were born to act keep it real hope swing you soon on Hollywood set.

  2. Goddy you were born to act keep it real hope swing you soon on Hollywood set.

  3. Courage my able bro. I still remember you taking photos back in GHS Santa.

  4. Thanks so much guys. I am blessed to always have you watch my back. I am grateful and humbled. Thanks, thanks and thanks again