Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"The match against South Africa will be even more complicated" Says Enow Ngachu

Enow Ngachu
After a some what satisfactory win, Cameroonians are getting ready for today's match having in mind that its never going to be the same encounter like the match against Egypt. Enow Ngachu had this to say
"The match against Egypt was difficult. We missed a lot of opportunities. The match against South Africa will be even more complicated because South Africa is much more experienced.
I have advised the players to convert all the chances that come their way. Attackers are naturally selfish. We have asked the girls to be more collective even if we do not have to bridle the genius of one and the other. We are focused. The game will also be played on the mental plan and we have worked in this direction."
Fans are very supportive to the ladies who are making them proud and rekindling their love for football again.
We are all behind you.

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