Friday, November 18, 2016

The Moghamo Cultural and Development Association (MOCUDA) promotes Cultural intergration through the movie "Winds"

Our cultural values are fast dying as we are embracing the western culture blindly. Who else is in a better place to promote our culture but our Cultural and Development associations that are ambassadors of culture.
Moghamo Cultural and Development Association is one of those associations promoting the undisputed importance of culture through movies, thereby promoting the movie industry too. With the Elites, sons and daughters of Moghamo strongly supporting the movie "Winds", it is no surprise that this movie that will be shot between the 6th and the 26th of February in Batibo will be a Blockbuster. This up coming thriller will change your perception of Cameroon movies and will obviously revive your love and respect for culture and also for Cameroon film industry. You can follow the movie "Winds" on Facebook as Winds the movie.

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