Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vicky Fokala discredits Njukeng Pro's photographic services on Facebook

Vicky Fokala just took to facebook to tell everybody that  Njukeng Pro is not a consistent Photographer. Infact let me not even try to rephrase it. Have it fresh from facebook source.
"If you are doing a wedding or any event and need a photographer/videographer... DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT BY ANY MEANS HIRE Njukeng Pro Njukeng Pro. He does not deliver.

Some people do not realise how hard you work to build credibility as an event planner... Only to give a job to someone who ends up making you look stupid in front of your client.
George dissapointed is to say the least of how I feel. You created a page to disgrace your debtors but I don't need a page to get my work from you.
This is step 1... You may only leave Cameroon for step 2 not to get to you. I think I have been patient long enough. From September 16, day of the wedding, till this day... No video and no album for the couple. You tell me if that is fair. Work you were to deliver and penned down in your contract, 2 weeks after the event.
And now you avoid my calls.
Please help me share this and make it go wild. One man cannot destroy what I have spent years building. And if you know him, let him know and advice him to deliver my work.
I have had enough." says Fokala. For this to have been on facebook she must have really had enough.
 See the reaction of the people of here below

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