Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Vis ta vie" Advice from Maahlox in his new hit single. Find it here

ACCORDING TO MAAHLOX LE VIBEUR, every one should "live his life"

This year, literally all African joints vibrated to the rhythm of the unexpected "ça sort comme ça sort It comes out like that comes out" of Maahlox the vibrator. Maahlox the vibrator, the wizard of new concepts as he defines himself, has, in fact, chained, in one year, several concepts following "It comes out like this comes out": "Tuer pour tuer", « Fouillez fouillez », « l’argent c’est l’argent », « Ça ne rit pas », « Tu montes tu descends », « Tu es dedans ».

This time, Kenfack Jean Jules, (according to his civil status register)  the hustler of the streets of Biyem -Assi in Yaoundé, returns with a video and a style that contrasts completely and pleasantly with his previous works. 

Already available on digital platforms, the release of the new video inaugurates a second European tour. Tour in the paradise of Reunion Island, "Vis ta vie" is an invitation to appreciate life despite the ups and downs, despite betrayals and disappointments. "It comes out as it comes out..." Lol.

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