Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wondering where to have fun when in Limbe? Villa Rosa Snack Bar/ Grill/ Restaurant is your host

Cross section of the Snack Bar
Sysysblog is bringing to you the best of leisure points in the various towns of Cameroon. We bring you nothing but the best. So any venue in our leisure directory is worth a visit.
Villa Rosa is one of the biggest snack Bar, Restaurant with the best of entertainment a promise you can rely on. The colourful and contemporary avenue of fun is situated in the opened and secured quarters of Rhome street Garden opposite Coastal Bakery Limbe.
The beautiful thing about this place is it is very affordable compared to the fun and entertainment you get. It is one place of class Limbe has got. You ain't going to meet under aged kids there who will smash your feet with sea sand, neither are you going to encounter a displeasing event there, because security there is very tight. The hospitality of it's services will amaze you. While in Villa Rosa you do not need to risk going out for a bite. It has a ready and timely grill to wet your mouth and fill your stomach exactly when you need. Make a date with Villa Rosa and your expectations will be exceeded. Do not forget to mention sysysblog as your source and your will have the best of services. Find the contacts below and call for reservations.

Fantastic view from outside with a secured and large parking space

The club sensation.

cross section of the snack Bar

colourful view

Those lights, the floor and those seats will give you a real entertaiment feeling

Graceful internal decoration

Cross section of the Mini Night Club

Android DJ giving you moments of your life

Cross section

What ever Hot drink, Wine or beer you want name it and it will be yours at affordable prices

DJ will mix your pain and sorrows and throw them away in the wave of music. Relax! you are in good hands

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