Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cameroon: The reality surrounding the selection of Players into the National team

Unlike in some countries in the world, Cameroon is among those nations where football has lost its dignity, power and respect to the claws of politics and greed. The game of honour and unity has become an enslavement mind game. Representing one's nation in the prestigious game of football is the dream of some footballers. In Cameroon, every growing footballer has it as a dream to play for the National team. Now here is how it goes down 

The intermediaries of the players will create a network with the football federation in order to have their players called to the National team during matches. They will pay huge sums  of money to maintain this network.These agents will also cut out a percentage of the players bonus per selection and give to their network in their network in the federation-say 30%. Have in mind that more than three quarter of the National team are Cameroonian players from the diaspora. Then these players leave their host countries and get here for camping or may be meet in some other country for camping. Lucky players will play matches then the unlucky ones will be reserved for over 3-4 matches despite the fact that they have scratched the backs of the necessary parties. The ugly part becomes that where some of these players will sacrifice their bonuses and then never play a match or will always be a second choice. Reasons why Andre Onana will decline the invitation to the 2017 AFCON training session. He will prefer to preserve his position in his club that is being threatened.

In some other cases, Players are called and asked to drop a specific amount of money for their names to feature on the selection list else they are out. The end is still the same as above.
A player is an asset to his team and that is why those managers and technical staff who understand the business of football respect their players so much. But it is not the case with Cameroon. Many national team players have been a victim of disrespect and marginalization from the management staff. Reasons why players like Samuel Eto'o Fils, Joel Matip, Kameni Carlos,renowned international players will turn down the invitation to play for their country.

Playing in the National team is not a full time job because this time you are called up and the next you are not. The bribery and corruption, unethical practices and lack of integrity has killed the vibes that came with football in Cameroon. The recent denial of seven players to join the national team shows that there is general discontent among the players. If it were 1 player at a time, it would be okay, but 7 at a time indicates that there is something going wrong and there is a need to address that.

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