Thursday, December 22, 2016

FIFA World football ranking for December 2016: Cameroon's dramatic failure over the past 10 years

Who says Cameroon has not lost its days of Glory when it comes to football? The December 2016 FIFA Ranking released placed Cameroon at the 65th position. I will cut straight to the chase and give you a clue of what Cameroon Football was 10 years ago.
Cameroon was ranked 16th, first African team, In December 2005, it was ranked the 23rd still first African country.
Then in 2006, Cameroon improved to the 15th position but this time after Nigeria that came first in Africa.
It could only get better by 2008 in November when Cameroon was the 14th again, first African country. In 2009 Cameroon moved to the 29th position this time 2nd after Cote D'Ivoire.
While other nations were working hard to improve their FIFA Rankings, Cameroon was sleeping hard to disappoint the very large football community it has in 2010. Egypt had its most improved ranking ever in Africa moving to the 9th position while Cameroon spread it legs wide from the 29th to the 37th position after Egypt, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria,  and Algeria respectively in Africa.
Cameroon in 2011 moved to the 48th position in November- "can't get any worst" i thought.
Then came the traumatic 2012 where by October Fifa ranked Cameroon the 71th team in the world. What a progression. I dont know how this type of progression is called but its closer to geometric than arithmetic. It became a continuous night mare for the people of Cameroon who regarded football as an integral part of the society and culture.
 By 2013 while the fans hoped and prayed for the best, "them people" realized how much they were killing the football vibe, "them people" smelled the coffee and woke up to the 48th position.
 In 2014 they decided to shed 6 tons of shame and moved to the 42nd  position.
Just when you Cameroonian football community thought they could  relax and have faith, Cameroon moved to the 60th Position 2015.
Then this year 2016, Cameroon decided to add 5 more pounds to her already lazy heavy body. what future does football have with this trend of progress in Cameroon?. Remember what makes football beautiful is its ability to be predicted following the trends of performance. If Parifoot or was to involve Fifa ranking in its gambling scheme, would you wanna bet on Cameroon's out come?

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