Tuesday, December 6, 2016

List of Nominees for the Red Feather Awards, 14 Dec 2016 at Hilton Hotel Yaounde

Hello Beautiful people of Africa, i know you are all exited about the upcoming Red Feather Awards taking place at the Hilton Hotel Yaounde. A little change in the date of the event was made from the 15th to the 14th due to some circumstances beyond control.
Below is the list of the Nominees and their voting links for the first set of Categories. The next set will be available in 6hours. Keep voting for your favourite actor.

Best Actor Lead Role
1.       Cosson CHINEPO
2.       Epule Jeffrey
3.       Desmond Whyte
4.       Poulibey Martin
5.       Namme Ivane
Best Actress Lead Role
1.       Lucy Memba
2.       Quinta Eyong Ashu
3.       Blanche Bilongo
4.       Sende Mbende
5.       Ruth Nkwenti
Best Actor supporting role
1.       Libota Mc Donald
2.       Bomo Bomo Alain
3.       Roger Brice
4.       Chifor Valery
5.       Nkwah Kingsley
Best Actress suppoting role
1.       Ade Kelly
2.       Syndy Emade
3.       Blanche Bana
4.       Ngogang Elizabeth
5.       Monique Fesse
Best Uprising Male
1.       Mike Akumcha
2.       Frank Sire
3.       Njah Brian
4.       Dupree Koual
Best Uprising female
1.       Mokake Glory
2.       Ann Marthe Mvoh
3.       Agem Elie
4.       Fokala Vicky
Best Multitask Male
1.       Moma Pascal
2.       Nkanya Kwai
3.       Alene Menget
4.    NR Seehoofer
Best Multitask Female
1.       Nsang Dilong
2.       Adela Elad
3.       Solange Ojong
4.       Siret Che


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