Thursday, December 8, 2016

Red Feather Awards: Full list of nominees.(Week-end Marathon permits you vote as many times as possible)

Red Feather Awards has released the full list of nominees and their categories. But note that these categories are not exhaustive. These categories are those that are opened to voting. Two days ago the first phase of voting was launched and today Red Feather is Launching another phase of voting that permits you to vote for your favourite movie makers over and over,even a million times. These links are entirely new. so today by midnight, the old voting links will be closed and these ones below opened
 Below is the list for the nominees. Voting opens at exactly 12AM this night.

Voting closes on Monday at Midnight.
Please do not forget that the date for the awards moved from 15th Dec to the 14th of Dec, Venue- Hilton hotel and time is exactly 6PM

Best Actor Lead Role
1.       Cosson Chinepoh
2.       Epule Jeffrey
3.       Desmond Wyte
4.       Poulibey Martin
5.       Namme Ivane

Best Actress Lead Role
1.       Lucy Memba
2.       Blanche Bilongo
3.       Sende Bende
4.       Ruth Nkweti

Best Actor supporting role
1.       Libota Mc Donald
2.       Bomo Bomo Alain
3.       Roger Brice
4.       Chifor Valery
5.       Nkwah Kingsley

Best Actress suppoting role
1.       Ade Kelly
2.       Syndy Emade
3.       Blanche Bana
4.       Ngogang Elizabeth
5.       Monique Fesse

Best Uprising Male
1.       Mike Akumcha
2.       Frank Sire
3.       Njah Brian
4.       Dupree Koual

Best Uprising female
1.       Mokake Glory
2.       Malvis Ann Mohvo
3.       Agem Elie
4.       Fokala Vicky

Best Multitask Male
1.       Moma Pascal
2.       Nkanya Kwai
3.       Alene Menget
4.    NR Seehoofer

Best Multitask Female
1.       Nsang Dilong
2.       Adela Elad
3.       Solange Ojong
4.       Siret Che

Best Film Director
1.       Anurine Nwenebom
2.       Inah John Scott
3.       Elvis Dedaddies
4.       LT Njeck

Best Film Editor
1.       Awemo Pizaro
2.       Diba Blerk
3.       Achille Brice Asua
Voting link:

Best Film
1.       Nightfall
2.       Lara’s Song
3.       Night in the Grassfield
4.       My Gallery


  1. Greetings RFA, Great initiative. Keep up and all the best. I just stopped by to point out 2 things. Firstly I am the online representative for the CoreUnit Group, thus am here to talk about 2 of my clients. The name is (Achille Brice) don't add me "Asua" which is not part of his name. If u had seen movies he have worked on, he personally spells his names well as I have done above. Also, for supporting actor - it is Nchifor Valery not Chifor. Thanks and all the best

  2. Wunna too like for worry. Good initiative guys. very easy voting methods. They have taken time to dissermniate the links even through watsapp. it does not happen any where. Once they put the link on the website or blog, find your way. Good job people. e vex any man, make ye go create ye own award