Friday, January 29, 2016

Conflict of Interest, a murder weapon for Cameroon Football (Canon De Yaounde)

It is very Clear that conflict of interest is a murder weapon for any organisation or business. There has been ceaseless conflict of interest between the various stakeholders of football in cameroon
Conflict of interest in Football can be futher broken down into:

Player Vs Agent
Agent Vs Club
Club Vs Player
Management Vs Player
Coach Vs Player
Internal Wrangling
The existence of Canon dates back to 1930 when it was founded.  Canon de Yaounde is know for the making of African top football stars such as Theophile Abega,  Marc Viviane Foe, Victor Ndip and is also known for being a multi-time laureate of the African Championship. Canon has also been a multi winner of AFrican Championship. Yet what can this team show for in 2016.

ABEGA Théophile -capt  canon Ydé presenting NYAMSI TOBO during Cameroon Cup Final to HE .PAUL BIYA-1983
Canon de Yaounde is a victim of Internal Wrangling where by in 2016, 3 different factions have come up claiming managerial control and ownership of the club.  The aim of this write up is to analyse the various disadvantages this wrangling has on Canon de Yaounde and other football stakeholders
  • Firstly, This has downplayed on the reputation of Canon: Canon de Yaounde being reputed for great victories in the past is being looked upon now as a disgrace to Cameroon football. This also has a negative effect on the governing bodies of football in Cameroon. This is a clear display of inability to solve problems by these governing bodies. It makes people to question the capabilities and qualifications of the people put in charge to solve this problem that has been existing for approximately four years. This pushes people to think out of the box like "is it because this team is from the center region that it is has its way around every unprofessional issues displayed? Is there some sort of unidentified or unpublished form of bribery and corruption going on in these offices? or are just that bad?". 
  • further, it has led to the loss of fan base for the club. Who wants to be a part of failure?. yes football loyalty is unquestionably the strongest existing, the people can condole with losing but condoling with failure is not any where around it. "For Canon to lose a match because their opponents were tough is an okay. But for them to lose because of the instabilities and disorganization is crumbling them down is not all right. so supporting these guys is like waste of time to me" says a taxi driver who is faced by a vendor to buy canon supporters flags.
  • Effects on Players: The people who make a name for Canon are neither respected not motivated. They are victims of this football politics going on. Their morals have dropped due to the fact that they play for a team that is making negative headlines on the media. more to that this total display of greed, has distabilise the financial situation which is being borne mostly by these players. This is clearly displayed in the fact that these players barely have taxi money to move to training grounds and match fields when they are home. Their match bonuses and stipend are rarely paid on time and some times not paid at all.These players whose life style is an inverse representation of their profession are paying the price for what they haven't done.
Clearly the attempts to solve this problem has not been working.
Opinion wise, Cameroonians have diversed proposed solutions to this
  • School of thought 1: people belonging to this opinion pool asserts that Canon De Yaounde is too stiff to yield to diplomacy.  According to them, Canon has been given the upper-hand by the governing bodies to live long on their internal wrangling. They find relegation to elite II as a solution to solving this problem. Notice hear that this school of thought is not just biased to call for relegation. After 2015 football league season in Cameroon, Canon de Yaounde emerged among the last 3 teams for relegation to elite II. Every one on this list stepped down except canon.
  • School of though 2: This school understands that the manipulation of Canon's stay in Elite 1 was inevitable but only helped to spur the conflict of interest existing now. They suggest that Canon be suspended from Cameroon professional football league before it gets messy even for the nation's reputation.
  • School of thought 3: This school values education as long lasting solution this problem. To them, relegation or suspension is hiding the problem from  public yet not solving it. They therefore suggest that it is high time the governing bodies got all stake holders (fans, supporters, sponsors, general public) involved in this problem solving, by organising a public
    discourse or exceptional plenary session call it debate if you chose to, for these three factions to be able to defend their interest in the club and answer questions from the public. Defending their interest means- showing financial proof that they can run the club, show managerial competences, showing an established professional team and core competences. Of course! this is competition and the clear reward is efficiency and performance

stay connected to your regular football for development as i look forward to getting your opinion on this. More football consultancy still to come on this particular topic. 

Cameroon hosts 2016 African Women Cup of Nations

The 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations will be the 12th edition of the Africa Women Cup of Nations, the international football championship organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the women's national teams of Africa. The tournament will be held in Cameroon between 19 November and 3 December 2016. The initial dates were 8–22 October 2016, but were changed due to weather considerations. A total of eight teams will play in the tournament.
On 6 August 2015, the CAF Executive Committee decided to change the name of the tournament from the African Women's Championship to the Africa Women Cup of Nations, similar to the men's version, Africa Cup of Nations.

Draws were conducted on the sidelines of the  CAF Annual Meetings from 21-28 October 2015, by the respective Standing Committees during their meetings.

Seven teams will emerge from the qualifiers of the Africa Women Cup of Nations to join hosts Cameroon for the final tournament scheduled for 19 November to 3 December 2016.

Infrastructural work has already begun in Cameroon with regards to the African Nations Cup. This is clearly seen in the reconstruction work on going at the Fandena football stadium and the stade Annex 1&2.

Cameroon Football season to be Launched January 30th

After series of postponement of the start date for Cameroon football season, it was finally announced by the president of Cameroon professional football League, General Pierre Semengue the unfailing start date is 30th January 2016 in Douala. In an interview with the general, he clearly stated that it has not been easy starting this year 2016 as they are faced with a lot of football football programs. Unfortunately most of these programs coincided with the infrastuctural development going on nationwide
On the part of the players, they say they have been waiting eagerly for this year's football season to be launched as they are going to ceaselessly active.
Congratulations once more to the winners of the 2015 Cameroon Cup, UMS Loum against Pathere de Nde who beat Panthere 2-0 even after a penalty shoot for Panther who  were runner up last year and bowed to Cotton Sport of Garoua