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Samuel Eto'o resumes training after a short stay off his team activities.

Samuel Eto’o Fils has resumed training with his teammates of Antalyaspor, a Super League team in Turkey.The former Cameroon international returned from a short stay of about a week.

The Prestigeous 'Red Feather Award' is here to celeberate Cameroon film makers

Who says Cameroon will not get there when it comes to entertainment? shine your eyes well well now as the Red Feather Award is here to make you stay up with your eyes opened.
The Red Feather Award is an initiative that was conceived in 2013 and has been in the palace of the film industry for fortification. Yes the time has come to send out the final thing.

U17 FIFA World Cup: End of Match between Cameroon and Canada. Get results here


The 1st match between Canada and Cameroon just ended in Jordan.  Cameroon's baby lionesses in a serious struggle bowed down to Canada 2-3.

Le number 1 a dit !!!!!!!

Rien ne va plus entre le portier numéro 1 du Cameroun Idriss Carlos Kameni (32 ans, 73 sélections) et le sélectionneur national Hugo Broos. Convoqué par le technicien belge lors du regroupement de la Tanière en mai dernier en France pour pallier l’absence d’André Onana, exclu pour manque de discipline, Kameni n’a alors pas bien digéré le fait d’être appelé en dernière minute choisissant de ne pas déférer à la convocation du sélectionneur.

Aujourd’hui, le dernier rempart de Malaga est encore dans l’impasse et manque toujours à l’appel en vue du rendez-vous des Lions face à l’Algérie à l’occasion du premier tour des éliminatoires du Mondial 2018, prévu le 09 octobre prochain.
Dans un entretien accordé au quotidien camerounais Le Jour, l’ancien sociétaire de l’Espagnol Barcelone n’a pas mis ses gants pour commenter sa non-convocation.
 » Je peux vous assurer que je n’ai jamais refusé de défendre notre équipe nationale. Monsieur Alphonse Tchami (le Team Manager de la sélection camerounaise) m’a fait savoir que j’allais être sélectionné pour les éliminatoires du Mondial face à l’Algérie, or ce n’est pas le cas aujourd’hui. Je l’accepte sportivement. Ça veut dire que les gardiens de buts qui ont été convoqués sont sensés être meilleurs que moi « , a-t-il lâché.
Le portier camerounais ne semble visiblement pas intentionné à se plier aux désidératas de son entraîneur afin de pouvoir réintégrer le groupe et le fait savoir :
 » Je suis Camerounais. Je suis né Camerounais. Je resterai Camerounais. Ils (les entraîneurs étrangers, Ndlr.) viendront et passeront et nous resterons avec notre nation. Il ne faut pas qu’ils se foutent de la gueule du monde et qu’ils nous fassent passer pour des gens qui n’aiment pas leur patrie « .
Avec de tels propos, Kameni ne devrait pas arborer d’aussitôt le maillot des Lions Indomptables !
Il convient de rappeler que le Cameroun effectuera un stage à Marseille dans les installations de l’OM, à la Commanderie, avant de rejoindre Alger pour donner la réplique aux Fennecs de l’Algérie.

List of selection of U-23 lions from 30 september to 05 october at Centre Technique de Fecafoot Odza




Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jovi drops Yung Pascal's "Work Dey 3" album. check it out

Yung pascal work dey 3
  Hello everyone i promised you guys to be here live to gist you on the dropping of Yung's Audio Album 'work dey 3'. Here we go with the details.
This album is being master minded by the popular New Bell Records known all over for its famous king, Jovi.

Check out these Cameroonian Divas $ Hustlers at the premier of Francois Tanko's Chaising Tails

cameroon movie industry
Cameroon Film Industry
Cameroon Film Industry

"No Buy Case": A must watch Cameroon comic short film starring Prince Ojay

Cameroon comedy and movie industry is taking another turn with the production of short yet entertaining and thrilling films. Prince Ojay is one of our finest in the industry who is turning things around in the movie industry and in comedy. "No buy case" is one of the hottest short comic films of the year that Prince Ojay has starred in. Just from the title you can already imagine the fun. This comic yet educative and entertaining is the thriller you do not wanna miss, with the presence of great comedians and actors who will turn your world around. Talking about other  big names in the industry, i present to you "starring Oboy, Mp3, Badly broughtup, and Nchana Basil". Without wasting much of your time i will let you watch the movie below

GameUp Chart: Top 10 Hottest Cameroon Actors in TV Series Bad Angel and Rumble 2016

Hello everyone, i bring to you the top hottest Cameroon actors in the 2016 TV Series. Feel free to make your comments and reshuffle. I present to you:
#1:   Dupree Koual in BadAngel
#2:   Desmond White in Rumble
#3:   Nr Seehoofer in Bad Angel
#4:  Libota Mc Donald in Bad Angel
#5:   Godwin Neba in Bad Angel
#6:  Epule Jeffery in Rumble

#7: Allan Smith in Bad Angel

#8: Frank Sire in Rumble

#9:   Clovis Babilla in Bad Angel
#10:  Nkwah Kingsley in Rumble

Your comments are highly welcome

U17 Lionesses: Training session in preparation for 1st Match against Canada, FIFA World Cup (Pictures)

Cameroon Lionesses of the ages Under 17 trained today at Al Hassan à Irbid, where they will be having their first encounter against Canada at 18H. We wish them good luck. follow every details here tomorrow.



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bad management of infrastructural development

Guys look at the traffic congestion at Post central Yaounde lately the government placed a band on the circulation of old taxi's and we also heard how 45 new buses will be deployed in the city to facilitate movement of citizens during the female African cup of nation that is to kickoff in November are there measures solutions to this problem?? Drop your own view!!!

Football age of most Cameroonian players has become something else

What do you really think about this Cameroonian footballer age?? (Joseph Minala)
In 2014 Joseph Minala  Cameroonian born, was accused by an African online platform to have slashed 25 years off his his normal 42 to play for an Italian team Lazio U18.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#3: Why 70% of girls in Central African Countries have kids before marriage

Hello every one, i will be bringing to you today reasons why most girls in the Central African Region get pregnant before marriage. Its a situation with mixed feelings, so get ready to handle it.
It is unethical in some societies in Central  Africa, to have sex before marriage talk less of showcasing your disrespect for tradition with pregnancy, then worst of it, you give birth to a girl. Then in some communities like the Muslim community, it is an abomination to have kids before marriage. Then Biblically, it is recommended not to be sexually involved without a commitment of marriage which implies no kids before marriage except through the holy spirit. In some Pentecostal churches when a girl gets pregnant before marriage, she becomes the topic of preaching for the Sunday, and she is traumatized and blackmailed into leaving the church. On the other hand some countries due to the small size of their population encourage child bearing from who ever.

Finding out while despite these taboos, early pregnancy is still rampant in Central African countries, the following were brought out

Mr Leo about to drop another Master piece, 'Jamais Jamais': Count down- 5 days to go

Mr Leo Jamais Jamais

Mr Leo is at the verge of dropping another hit song that will keep you on your feet the whole day round.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cameroonians give RED CARD to AFCON2016 theme song by Charlotte Dipanda and Richard Kings

AFCON2016 anthem Cameroon

Cameroonians were so exited about hosting AFCON 2016, and even more exited when it was announced that Music pros Charlotte Dipanda and Richard Kings will be working on the Anthem of the Event. Their expectations were cut short as they received a song they could not even identify with culturally.

2018 World Cup Qualifiers: List of the Players Called up for Algeria - Cameroon 09/10/2016

list of cameroon national team players

1. ONDOA Fabrice (FC Séville)
2. ONANA André (Ajax Amsterdam)
3. POUATY Moise (Union de Douala)

4. NYOM Alan (Watford)
5. NKOULOU Nicolas (Lyon)
6. CHEDJOU Aurelien (Galatasaray)
7. OYONGO BITOLO Ambroise (Impact de Montréal)

2018 World Cup Qualifiers: List of the Players Called up for Algeria - Cameroon 09/10/2016

1. ONDOA Fabrice (FC Séville)
2. ONANA André (Ajax Amsterdam)
3. POUATY Moise (Union de Douala)

4. NYOM Alan (Watford)
5. NKOULOU Nicolas (Lyon)
6. CHEDJOU Aurelien (Galatasaray)
7. OYONGO BITOLO Ambroise (Impact de Montréal)

Cameroon Lions: Camping programme from 02 - 09 0ct 2016

Duration: From 2 to 9 October 2016
lodging for the delegation in Marseille, Malmort - Hotel Le Moulin de Vernègues

Sunday, October 2 
Arrival of facilities and players at the Hotel Monday, October 3 16h30: training

Tuesday, October 4 
10.30: Training / Regeneration 12:15: Press conference 16h30: Training

Wednesday, October 5
 09h00: Departure Marseille 11:00: Match Marseille - Cameroon

 Thursday, October 6 
11.00: Training / Regeneration 16.30: Training 21h00: Session Video

Friday, October 7 
10h30: Training 14:00: Marseille Airport Departure 16h30: Flight to Algiers

Saturday, October 8 
11:30: Video Session 18.00: Training Blida stadium Sunday,

October 9 20.30: 
Match Algeria - Cameroon

End of Programme

2016/2019 AFCON : Cameroon railway infrastructure undergoes renovation

Members of the Inter-ministerial committee on Railway infrastructure  met to evaluate the first five year plan to renew part of the country’s railways secure level crossing and acquire new wagons and Locomotives.
During the 25th session, chaired by the Minister of Transport, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, it was revealed that 4 cranes and 8 scanners have been acquired and are already in use in Douala, Yaounde, Belabo, and Ngaoundere.
It was also disclosed that 150km of railway between Batchenga and Sa’a, have been renovated.
The 5 year plan also targets the rehabilitation of the Yaounde North, Yaounde South and Douala entry ways.
These projects to modernize Cameroon’s railways will enable the sector play a crucial role during the upcoming major international sports events, the 2016 and 2019 Africa cup of Nations.
The International Committee on Railway Infrastructure has as mission to follow-up investment programs renovations and development of railway infrastructure.

Under17 Lionesses 30/09/2016: Follow their World Cup participation Schedule here

The baby lionesses of Cameroon has once again proven that female football is worth giving a shot. Unlike popular opinions that female football is a waste of time, Cameroon Female football is marking an indelible ink in the football world.

Cameroon to play training match with Olympic de Marseille 02 October 2016

After FIFA confirmed Cameroon's encounter against Algeria on the 9th of october 2016, Hugo Broos has to get his selection in top form and the place chosen for this is France. Cameroon National team and the technical staff will be arriving France on the 2nd of October in the morning where they will play a training match against Olympic de Marseille later in the Night. Then from there they will be in camp in France till they move to Algeria for the World Cup Qualification Match.

Jovi getting Yung Pascal set for hit Album release on september 30th

Jovi in da hood, working his talents out to release Yung Pascal's Album on sept 30.
The Main man Pascal ready for the big deal

hard work di pay oh

Looks like an African American here in one of those hit TV Serial.

Cameroon National team (U17 Lionesses) Wins Brazil 2-0 in an International Friendly

U17 Cameroon National Team
The under 17 selection of the Lionesses won Brazilian Under 17 Yesterday in an international friendly match 2 goals to 0. Both goals were scored by Cameroon's smart and technical forward player Kameni Flora in the 64th and 83rd minutes of play.

 It should be noted that Cameroon Female football is making a name in the international scenes at all selection levels from the National team, to the female military national team and now this.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Unbeatable Mr. Leo features in Locko 's new hit track - Supporter (Produced By Salatiel)

Mr Leo and Locko are two young artist growing at the speed of light in the industry. One couldn't expect any less from them in this mind blowing collabo. By now you don't need to ask the theme of the song because they keep it sure and steady at love. Always good ambassadors of love. In this wonderful song, they both preach the doctrine of patience and tolerance in love. Am on a mission to find out the relation between their music and their real love lives. will be bringing you more. Have fun

Click here to vote for your favourite artist to keep them on top of the chart

One of Cameroon's Biggest Music Collabo of the year: Stanley Enow $ Yung Swiss

The famous Cameroonian multi-Award winner Stanley Enow and the South Africa’s music king  Yung Swiss have come together on a new single titled “Locked Up”.
Both artists combine perfectly with stunning sounds beautiful lyrical flow and banging beats. This new single will have you hooked from the opening beat to the very last sentence
Stanley Enow is definitely making it internationally
watch video here

Cameroonian artists in a hommage Concert for their departed video director, Pipiyou

It’s a  week-end full of tears in the industry. From the funeral of Achaley to the wake keep of a famous video director PIPIYOU, who died in Yaounde. Pipiyou directed many musical videos such as “Mbale Mballe” many of lady ponce’s video. Almost every Francophone artist in Cameroon has at least one song directed by Pipiyou.  A Homage concert was organized last night at “Case des Arts” at Essos where about 30 musicians from Cameroon  and diaspora bid farewell to the fallen Hero. May his soul RIP.