Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bassanio Ghabga says he "feels so disappointed with the reaction of Ruth Nkweti" (Whatsapp messages)

Ghaby as fondly known has been appreciated by a lot of entertainers for giving them opportunities in utmost humility. But recently he seemed really disappointed when he got an entertainment opportunity and decided to contact one of Cameroon's entertainer- Ruth Nkweti just to receive the blow of his life on whatsapp. A lot of fans also were disappointed with the responses of Nkweti whom people had in high esteem.  This is entertainment people. Anything happens at any time.
Here is Ghaby's facebook message

"I am Ghaby (Bassanio Ghabga), I am the One Ruth Nkweti is Talking about.
After hitting my head so hard to get her number in order to book her for a show on this coming Thursday on Hello program on CRTV, I wrote to her on Whatsapp because she was online. But to my greatest surprise now I am seeing funny stuffs online this morning
I don’t insult or disrespect people ask all I have worked with. I respect everybody. I don’t do things to show off, that’s why I recommend people in our industry for opportunities without letting them even know I did.
And those connections I have now; I developed them singly those days when entertainment was nothing. Not to be proud I think I have been and done a lot in the entertainment industry!!!!
I did not have those opportunities I give many entertainers these days when I was in showbiz those days. So I feel so disappointed with the reaction of Ruth Nkweti.
Please check the screen shoots of the conversation I had with her…. If I were wrong, I am sorry!!!!
Anyway any Entertainer that wants to be part of the Hello Tv Program on CRTV should inbox me!!! Thanks"

Below are the whatsapp messages between Ruth and Ghaby

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