Thursday, June 1, 2017

Coming up: The religion of rastafari- Guess how old this Rasta Hair is?

what do you think when you see someone with this kind of hair?
To my right is Iman a drummer and musician whose religion of Rastafari is a core part of his life. He is been keeping this hair longer than you can imagine. "Its not just the style, Its more than the that, let me explain..."
Stay tight and wait for this thrilling Documentary coming soon

Draufsicht Bamenda promoting global learning through film making: Waste Management as a global problem

Draufsicht Bamenda is an on-going project that seeks to contribute to the concerns on Sustainable Development by fostering Global Education through film making. Existing since August 2016, the project has already recorded a lot of successes, thanks to its coorperation with Draufsicht Berlin.
Among numerous film project is the waste management documentary film that lasts 15minutes with a life changing impact.
It is based on the situation of waste management in Bamenda to be precise but which gives a global perspective, giving an indepth detail on
Improper Waste Management effects
Various stakeholders involved
differet types of waste
Proposals of solutions to this problem
Draufsicht uses local solutions to solve Global problems. Therefore take a minutes moment and have a life time change. It all begins with you