Sunday, August 27, 2017

Draufsicht Bamenda participates in promoting sustainable peace through 'Community Media Reporting'

No matter how barbaric you are, violence is always the last option. No one prays for violence to even be an option except the violence entrepreneurs who stand to benefit from it. There is no doubt that youths have a great role to play in instilling sustainable Peace in the society when violence crops up. Draufsicht Bamenda has therefore made it a duty to be advocates of Non Violent Communication and Sustainable Peace. In Case you are have forgotten what Draufsicht is. It is a programme under the German Organisation- Solidarity International that fosters global learning through film making. Prominent among her works are, Waste Management In Bameda, Water and Sanitation, community media reporting which you can all follow on Youtube Draufsicht GLOBAL. 

"Draufsicht Bamenda seeks to empower its members so that in turn they empower others" says Dzebam Godlove the giant behind this great programme Draufsicht.
Organised by the PCC Communication board, the workshop on Community Media Reporting was aimed at empowering journalists to communicate in a non violent method especially during crisis. Draufsicht proud to be beneficiaries, used the opportunity to train its members and also make a film that will help the future generations.

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Red Feather Awards: Win VIP tickets by identifying the Actor below and his award during RFA 2016

 Red Feather 2016 was a remarkable event that witnessed the turn out of many Afro-international actors like this Mr handsome. His first name is Talent, middle name; Handsome and last: Fame. Hahahahahaha, but his portfolio has this other name you need to give in order to earn a VIP Ticket for the next Red Feather Award that comes up in December. Don't get too exited and forget the Award he had last year. It is all up to you.
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Draufsicht Bamenda: A walk down memory lane with Draufsicht Berlin (video)

Wondering where this glamour pic is and what its all about? Well i will tell you the story but unlike bed time stories that lures the baby to bed, this one will lure you to the change avenue. You can thank me later. It all started in March in the land where royalty reigns, Bamenda. Lives were changed, souls healed, relationships found, missing ribs found, missing voices heard, moments made, and above all, films for change produced. It all happened here: Neef Project A.K.A German embassy, Chez les blancs etc. Don't mind that am exited, May be its because i was blessed to be a part of this life changing and confidence building moment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Red Feather Awards adds Music, Modelling/Fashion, comedy and TV showsto its usual Movie Awards

The usual yearly Prestigious Award is here, its not just here but it has added more entertainment genres to its original genre, movies. In an extraordinary meeting with stakeholders,partners and sponsors, the organizing committee defended its case on why everyone in the entertainment industry deserves to be celebrated. The President and Coordinator of #rfa2017, Mr. Vitalis Otia popularly known as mendako in the popular TV Series "Bad Angel" insisted on the need to "Celebrate our own". The following Genres of entertainment has been added
Fashion and Modelling
TV Shows
"Its going to be more fun this year, a bigger accommodation for 2000 people, the finest entertainers of Cameroon from all over the world, exiting partners, more categories and genres and more importantly, the extra Ordinary Red Carpet" says Njobati Sylvie (Sysy), the project manager of the Awards.
well may be you weren't a part of last years', here is a tip: RFA2016 brought together gorgeous and outstanding movie makers from all parts of the country. Remarkable among these were, Libota McDonald, Adela Elad, Vicky Fokala, Dupree Koual, Seehoofer, Elvis de Daddies, Moma Pascal, just to name a few. more than 15 Awards were handed out and this year intends to view a dramatic increase to about 35 Awards. The red carpet was dope, all the Glamour you ever yearn for can only be brought to you by RFA2017
Submissions are going on already. click below to submit your work of Arts