Sunday, August 27, 2017

Draufsicht Bamenda participates in promoting sustainable peace through 'Community Media Reporting'

No matter how barbaric you are, violence is always the last option. No one prays for violence to even be an option except the violence entrepreneurs who stand to benefit from it. There is no doubt that youths have a great role to play in instilling sustainable Peace in the society when violence crops up. Draufsicht Bamenda has therefore made it a duty to be advocates of Non Violent Communication and Sustainable Peace. In Case you are have forgotten what Draufsicht is. It is a programme under the German Organisation- Solidarity International that fosters global learning through film making. Prominent among her works are, Waste Management In Bameda, Water and Sanitation, community media reporting which you can all follow on Youtube Draufsicht GLOBAL. 

"Draufsicht Bamenda seeks to empower its members so that in turn they empower others" says Dzebam Godlove the giant behind this great programme Draufsicht.
Organised by the PCC Communication board, the workshop on Community Media Reporting was aimed at empowering journalists to communicate in a non violent method especially during crisis. Draufsicht proud to be beneficiaries, used the opportunity to train its members and also make a film that will help the future generations.

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  1. Violence should be condemned with the highest spirits as it brings down what has been build for decades and centuries. Our young men and women should take the frontline in instilling peace.