Sunday, August 27, 2017

Draufsicht Bamenda: A walk down memory lane with Draufsicht Berlin (video)

Wondering where this glamour pic is and what its all about? Well i will tell you the story but unlike bed time stories that lures the baby to bed, this one will lure you to the change avenue. You can thank me later. It all started in March in the land where royalty reigns, Bamenda. Lives were changed, souls healed, relationships found, missing ribs found, missing voices heard, moments made, and above all, films for change produced. It all happened here: Neef Project A.K.A German embassy, Chez les blancs etc. Don't mind that am exited, May be its because i was blessed to be a part of this life changing and confidence building moment.
  In fact let me try to give you a review of this programme that lasted three weeks.
This young Energetic guy called Dzebam Godlove is the bearer of this vision people are dying to share. Enhancing global learning through film making. The good thing is that you get to impact the society while having fun. After touring the world, he understands best that there is nothing so self realizing like creating positive changes. He then joined a network so great which saw the need for exchange visits. Here Draufsicht Berlin visits Bamenda.
Am talking too much. It is better hearing from the horses mouth.
watch the enriching experience here yourself

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