Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Want to look Fabulous? here is your one stop shop for designer outfits

The name Staron Leo is synonymous to extraordinary, extrafashiony, extra talented and swagger. This international designer can only make your world better and your life more confident, Based in Bamenda, he is one of the best Cameroon has known. Well if you think i am exaggerating, then you will feel better hearing from Cameroon's top artists like Magasco, Mayel and Pascal
Today is your lucky day. You can get to him free of charge. guys make it snooker outing and ladies make it a date.
+237 680 112 137

ABASHED, another hit movie written and directed by the extraordinary N R Seehofer

ABASHED is the tale of an orphan named Brenda adopted from an Orphanage by a rich couple, Something tragic happens to both foster parents shutting down her world. Then Dr Samuel steps in but their marriage does not last because another predicament waves its way in Brenda's life again. Written and directed by N.R Seehofer/story by Atineh Zenabu. Starring: Libota Mcdonald
Vugar Samson, Solantine Egbe, Albert Che, Tyra Kerstin, Linda Ikechuju and Nchanga Relindis

Sunday, September 3, 2017

From Daddikull to Kay Dwin: The Ultimate Rebirth of his Music Career

Popularly and formerly known as Daddikull, Kay Dwin who has made a remarkable name in the music industry is witnessing a major upgrade in his Career as an Afro Pop musician. Last year, he officially changed his name from Daddikull to Kay Dwin.
"Changing my artistic name at this point is imperative and timely as it also comes with the upgraded me career wise, but i still remain your main man" says the irresistable producer and git maker of "Majunga" that is now hitting the airwaves world wide.
I decided to find out from Kay Dwin's fans what they think about the new change of name, 96% loved the new name with a passion and 4% didn't find it necessary. Some fans went as far as mentioning that even if he changes his name to ---(dash dash dash) they will still love him and his songs because he is unique.
Kay has released several unforgettable tracks that is standing the taste of time since the rebirth of his career. Personally i find a different kid of vibration that comes with the name Kay Dwin. When i hear that name i straight away think I'm gonna dance till i get a Saturday night fever
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Red Feather Award launches "Miss Fame". It takes only a photo to apply. Click here.

It can only get better with the most prestigious award for entertainment in the country. The Miss Fame award has been organized to honor the beautiful, confident and brave ladies in the world of modelling. Its that easy to apply: You just need to send your picture that brings out the best in you to our email before the 20th of September and be a nominee. Voting has never been this easy too. All you need is facebook likes under your picture to be taken to the next stage. Now that was too fast, let me take you a little back again.