Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ABASHED, another hit movie written and directed by the extraordinary N R Seehofer

ABASHED is the tale of an orphan named Brenda adopted from an Orphanage by a rich couple, Something tragic happens to both foster parents shutting down her world. Then Dr Samuel steps in but their marriage does not last because another predicament waves its way in Brenda's life again. Written and directed by N.R Seehofer/story by Atineh Zenabu. Starring: Libota Mcdonald
Vugar Samson, Solantine Egbe, Albert Che, Tyra Kerstin, Linda Ikechuju and Nchanga Relindis

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  1. The outline of this movie has a postive impact and will definatley have some better piece of watching . Movies like this are worth to watch for people.