Sunday, September 3, 2017

From Daddikull to Kay Dwin: The Ultimate Rebirth of his Music Career

Popularly and formerly known as Daddikull, Kay Dwin who has made a remarkable name in the music industry is witnessing a major upgrade in his Career as an Afro Pop musician. Last year, he officially changed his name from Daddikull to Kay Dwin.
"Changing my artistic name at this point is imperative and timely as it also comes with the upgraded me career wise, but i still remain your main man" says the irresistable producer and git maker of "Majunga" that is now hitting the airwaves world wide.
I decided to find out from Kay Dwin's fans what they think about the new change of name, 96% loved the new name with a passion and 4% didn't find it necessary. Some fans went as far as mentioning that even if he changes his name to ---(dash dash dash) they will still love him and his songs because he is unique.
Kay has released several unforgettable tracks that is standing the taste of time since the rebirth of his career. Personally i find a different kid of vibration that comes with the name Kay Dwin. When i hear that name i straight away think I'm gonna dance till i get a Saturday night fever
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  1. I agree "Kay Dwin" is unique, and I believe that names have their effects so success will come to his way for sure, Good luck form my side.