Thursday, December 21, 2017

Official List of Nominees for film makers - Red Feather Awards.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope you are all pressing your suits and gowns and doing last minute preparations for the show. Its one week from today. Below is the list of the nominees for film making and their voting links. These links are not different from those already existing. This is just an official compilation to have all the links in one place. Please check to be sure you have the right links and voting for the right person.
Voting is once a day, so from every 1pm you have the chance to vote again each day.
Wish you the best guys
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Best Actress Lead Role
1.      Syndy Emade in A Man for the Wek-end
2.    Che Syrette in Early Sunset
3.    Quinta Eyong in Arrah
Voting Link

Best Actor Lead Role
1.      Nchofor Valery in Rebel Pilgrim
2.    Gerard Essomba in Life Point
3.    Desmond Whyte in Early Sunset
Voting Link
Best Actor in Supporting Role
1.      Prince Ojay in Married Singles
2.    Njah Brian in Early Sunset
Voting Link
Best Actress in Support Role
1.      Miss Li in A man for the Week End
2.    Evodia Mbeneng in Rebel Pilgrim
3.    Candy Laurice in Married Singles
Voting link
Best Up coming Actor
1.      Ngato Brian in Married Singles
2.    John Paul in Mom e Yin
3.    Seehofer Roland in Vain Glory
4.     Voting link
Best Up coming Actress

1.      Azah Melvin in Rebel Pilgrim
2.    Tatiana Ngong in Life Point
3.    Aissatou Nyali in Married Singles
Voting Link
Best Editor
1.      Agbor Obed in A Man for the Weekend
2.    Achile Brice in Life Point
3.    Takong Delvis in Rebel Pilgrim
Voting Link

Best Director
1.      Achilles Brice in A Man For The Week-end
2.    LT Njeck in Married Singles
3.    Cosson Chinepoh in Rebel Pilgrim
4.     Achilles Brice in Life Point
Voting Link

Best Make up Artist
1.      Njongwo Kate in A Man for the Weekend
2.    Samba Peter in Rebel Pilgrim
Voting link
Best Director of Photography
1.      Takong Delvis in Rebel Pilgrim
2.    Rene Etta in AMan for the Weekend
3.    Yibaine Emile Chia AKA Ancestor
Voting Link
Best Screenplay
1.      Nkanya Nkwai
2.    Paul Samba
3.    Karl Safinda
Voting link
Best Short film

1.      Janet by Mr Menkemndi
2.    My core indubitably by Nange Lyzet
3.    English as a third Language by Jakai
Voting link
Best Documentary film
1.      Flying Without Wings by Keka Tassi Sylvester
2.    Grammar of Existence by Draufsicht
Voting Link
Best Mother Tongue film
1.      Mom E Yin by John Paul
2.    Mbom Allah by Awemo Pius
Voting link
Best Sound
1.      Eyeh Pristly Andoh in A Man for the Weekend
2.    Apongo Betrand in Life Point
3.    Miss Lee Studios in Insecure
Voting Link

Best Child actor
1.      Tekeka Kezia in My Voice
2.    Ateh Francis in My Core Indubitably
Voting link
Best film in 2017
1.      A Man for the Weekend
2.    Life Point
3.    Rebel Pilgrim
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  1. Love the polling system used it's user friendly but I would have suguested that the system be arranged in a way that one only votes ones.
    Doing so many times kills the purpose of a vote. Never the less much care needs to be loved into.
    The best to all the nominees.
    Cameroon Go before

  2. Thanks sisi, u r the best