Sunday, December 17, 2017

Red Feather Awards: meet the host- Gorgeous and smart Shadzeka Nene Jimla

She is beauty,  she is brain,  she is everything that you all want to have make your event spunky!  Remember hello on CRTV,  of course many of us know hello because of her tireless efforts to make us smile every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Nene Shadzeka is not only a TV personality but also a producer of her own programmes. At her age,  one can conveniently call her a legend. I know right-the stereotype of legend is that you must be old to be but no! I say you must have achieved enormously to be a legend.   As open minded as she is,  make it a date with her on the Red Feather awards event come December 28 at the Red Cross Hall. It's time to stop taking selfies in the bathrooms. Come do it with the stars.
Tickets and reservation
67216 0556 (calls,  SMS,  whatsapp)
Come celebrate with the entertainment industry.  

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