Sunday, December 17, 2017

Red Feather Awards: Meet the red carpet lady and fashion segment host, the outstanding Karisma Esther

You know na guys!  We bring you nothing but the best there is out there to offer.  The most glamorous things about Awards is the red carpet event.  Yeah that moment when you wear that unbearable heels, make that million mud make up,  wear that breath taking gown and then get in front of the backdrop and you are just ready to be unstoppable.  Yeah!  You then tip your left toe, place your left hand some where around your laps or purse and then you even threaten to fall on the Camera man and journalist.  It could really get tough especially if it's your first time or you meet with Syndy Emade, Mr Leo,  Noniwhite designs'Ceo, Nene Shadzeka, looking all buckled up. Mind you not to lean backwards,  it may not be walled up and you will just be a red carpet blunder for the day.  This is where Karisma comes in.  We all know her as the CEO of Be Your Own Model a trending fashion house here.  Well the even better side of her is that she can help through your trying red carpet moments.  Her suttle smile and warmth will make you feel like 'uuuuuups, just another day of greatness'. You don't wanna miss the chance to be Karisma's guest.  You rock girlfriend.  May I be your first guest please?
Red Feather awards coming up December 28 at the Red Cross hall Yaounde. We are here to celebrate our own talenta
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  1. Perfect write up Sysy. Thanks for the honour

  2. Unfortunately I will not be part of this amazing up coming event(Red feather Award) this year. Hopefully I will be part of it next year. I wish all the participants and the organizers the best. A special Kudos to Sysy.