Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Red Feather Awards: List of Nominees for Best Comedy is out. Find list here

OK guys,  there is no need for you to wear your well 'shaved' suit,  or that gaga 'no air' gown, rock the red carpet and can't have a bold smile on your face.  You need the comedians to help you flaunt your blessings. These guys are therapetic. You can not smile from the outside without feeling better from the inside,  that is why we are celebrating the men and women who work hard to lift our spirits.  After the comedy jury sat, and of course laughed all night long watching and listening to the wonderful submissions,  the list below has been confirmed by the chief jury.
Best Comedian and Best upcoming comedian will be selected from these talented guys listed
  1. Ngwane Hansel
  2. Senior pastor
  3. Oboy da Comic
  4. Calvino Wallang 
  5. Virginity
  6. Kameron popman

Vote to keep your best comedian in the game,  am sure you don't wanna start taking depression pills.
Venue is Hilton hotel
Date 28 Dec 2017
Time 6pm for red carpet


  1. That u Red feather for this category. I humbly think it was about time recognition is shown to this category of our entertainment industry. Good luck to us all dear colleagues.
    Oboy Da Comic