Monday, December 18, 2017

Red Feather Awards: Nominees for fashion designers out! Here is the list

Am sure you all have been waiting eagerly for this day.  Well here it is.  What makes an event worth taking a selfie and red carpet is the fashion.  So it's obvious why we are celebrating the men and women who make us look unstoppable.  It's been a tough race with dozens of submissions.  Having in mind creativity,  trending personal designs,  stars designed for,  colour blend,  number of fashion shows and exhibitions,  the head of Jury Prince Noni Oyibo (CEO of Noniwhitewears)  coordinated a jury session that ended with the list below
Top Fashion designer 

  1. Fabric Doctor
  2. Amah Fashion House 
  3. Nuvi Creative
  4. Margo's mode
  5. Desta couture
  6. Ozi International

From the above nominees we shall select best male,  best female and best upcoming.
Voting starts Tuesday from 10 Am.  You shall find the voting links on this blog. Don't forget to buy your tickets and get to have moments with the stars 67216 0556. Venue Hilton Hotel,  date: 28 Dec 2017. Red carpet starts 6pm prompt
Voting Link

Also follow this blog for individual profiles of nominees

Good luck guys


  1. Nuvi is de man but Amah Fashion is coming up powerfully

  2. The fabric doctor guy is a force to reckon with. He is the real doctor of fabrics.